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Full Body Massage (Approx 1 hour): Enjoy a full body massage working from head to toe to release tensions, eliminate toxins and re-balance the whole body.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage (Approx 40mins): These areas hold a lot of tension and stress and a 40 minute treatment targeting these areas will make you feel relaxed, more balanced and improve your posture.

Reiki (Approx 45 mins): Traditionally used for thousands of years, this gentle treatment focuses on energy meridians and self-healing. Through the therapist any energy blockages will be released bringing balance, harmony and free flowing energy through your entire body making you feel revived and energised.

Indian Head Massage (Approx 45mins): An ancient therapy, IHM works on the tension areas of the body including the face, head and scalp. Using massage techniques and acupressure points, this treatment is very relaxing and yet energising.

Foot and leg circulatory massage (Approx 30mins): after a long flight or safari where you are sitting down a lot of the time our circulation is not as good as it should be. Use this treatment to boost your circulation and eliminate toxins and decrease foot and ankle swelling. A specific massage oil is used to target circulation.