Arusha has managed to retain a lot of its quaint character as it has grown and developed from a small town into a city. It is an important international hub, hosting the UN and the East African Community headquarters amongst many other international organizations.

It is best remembered for its vivid and colorful history dating back to 1900 when it was first established as a small settlement, up to its present status as the hub of Tanzania’s safari industry.

Mount Meru towers above Arusha is, visible from pretty much anywhere in the small city. Meru is a challenging climb, which many say has more to offer the adventurist that neighbouring Kilimanjaro. That is a matter of opinion, but what is certain is that both offer a thrilling experience in tropical, alpine trekking through some of the most rewarding, and breathtaking mountainous terrain on the African Continent.

Arusha is the home to Mt. Meru, just as Moshi (a 2 hours drive away) is home to Kilimanjaro.

Arusha City offers a growing selection of commercial shopping centre’s, as well as restaurants offering cuisine from almost every nationality visiting our corner of the world. The city is still more like a town, has a rustic air about it and is relatively small taking into consideration that it is the core of Tanzania’s thriving safari industry!