Twiga Lodge is our luxury property situated amongst the foothills of Mount Meru. Named after the Swahili word for giraffe, which frequently visit us, you are sure to be immersed in the local sounds, smells and activities that distinguish Tanzania from other countries.

Twiga lodge is built in traditional African Bush Home style, with white washed walls, high beams and a thatched roof. It is set in 4 acres of landscaped gardens with a breathtaking view of Mt Meru that towers above us, its ragged peak shaped like a broken tooth.An exposed volcano that collapsed millions of years ago, Mt. Meru is wrapped in lush forest reaching all the way down to us!It isthe centerpiece of Arusha National Parkwhose entrance is next doors to us, and its thick tropical rain forest, lakes and moorlands are a safe haven for multitudes of wildlife.

Herds of forest elephant march past us on a daily basis, snapping branches and eating to the sound of their rumbling stomachs, whilst giraffe sail pass more elegantly. In the distance Kilimanjaro frames the scene with the promise of true adventure.

At 4670ft (1430m) above sea level Twiga Lodge is the ideal haven to acclimatizefor trekking up to Meru or Kilior simply as your ideal stepping stone into a safari adventure. We can organize all of these activities for you in advance.

After being met at the airport (just 35minutes away) you will be driven in one our luxury vehicles to Twiga Lodge, where you will be welcomed with open arms by our warm and attentive staff.

Enjoy a refreshing drink before being shown your room. Then join us on our large veranda or ‘Game Watching Tower’for a sundowner as Mt. Meru fades behind the pale moonlight.

GPS co-ordinates: S03 18.283 E036 52.476