Visiting Tanzania and going on Safari is so much more than you can ever imagine when you choose our 4×4 rental route and adventure roof top camping. Complete freedom to create your own adventure, at your own pace and with your objectives. Secure in the knowledge that Shaw Safaris’ 4×4 vehicles are in immaculate condition and extensively equipped.

We are Tanzania’s, Premier, Self Driver Safari Company

Simply e-mail us at: info@shawsafaris.com or send us a message through this website’s handy Contact Form.

We will be only too happy to answer your questions and provide detailed information on all the exciting safaris options available. We advise on self-drive safaris including camping, or alternatively in the many excellent lodges and permanent luxury camps available across Tanzania.

Self-drive with Shaw Safaris allows you to experience real adventure, secure in the knowledge that you will be using the very best vehicles, equipment and back up services available.

Imagine the satisfaction you will feel after driving yourself to a park, spotting animals on your own for the first time, and making your camp home for the next couple of nights. Sitting around the fire enjoying a well-earned drink and listening to the calls of the wild whilst watching the African sunset, is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Back home entertain your family and friends with your countless tales of adventure, whilst dreaming of your next safari. There is more than just one-way self-drive works:

  • Lodge Hop;
  • Camp and Lodge;
  • Safari refu or safari kubwa (A Long Safari or Big Safari in Swahili) .

Details below.. Please enquire for more information.

Lodge Hop – Drive from luxury lodge to lodge at your own pace, and be pampered every night with fine dining and all the comforts of home. En route, take your time to explore and fine-tune your eye as you develop the art of game viewing. Having the exclusivity of your vehicle allows you to steer away from the mass tourists.

Camp and Lodge – This is a great way of experiencing the best of both worlds. Our vehicles are fully equipped with the best camping equipment and packed methodically, making everything easily accessible – leaving you free of unnecessary hassles and more time to enjoy the experience.

You can choose to stay in public campsites, which are well sign-posted and usually have toilets and showers. The alternative is we book you into ‘Special Campsites’ which are designated spots just for you. Camping gives you a sense of self-reliance and is rewarding, thrilling and invigorating.

After a few nights camping make your way to a lodge, dust yourself off and enjoy a bit of luxury. Encapsulate an audience of jealous guests keen to hear your unique stories and adventures which they have missed. The next morning return to the serenity of your own campsite.

Safari refu or safari kubwa – (Long Safari or Big Safari in Swahili) – This trip is for the outbound/adventurous types. You camp for all of your trip, either in public or special campsites. Going back to nature and the basics will awake your primeval spirit, making you instantly forget the fast paced, disposable world you have left behind. Nothing makes you feel more alive than being self-reliant. Fridges are supplied with our vehicles, allowing you to stock up on local fresh fruits and vegetables bought at the market, then cooked over an open fire made by yourself. The outcome of your effort, tastes and smells even better as you relax and become absorbed in your surroundings. Buying your own food and drink is in itself an experience not to be missed.