About Us 1

Here at Shaw Safaris we have personal experience on how self-drive safaris should be run. Our aim is to do it professionally, safely, and most importantly for you, enjoyable, unique and unforgettable.

Our passion for Tanzania, where we are blessed to work and live in, has accumulated into extensive experience and safari ‘know how,’ ensuring you get the most out of your trip –no doubt urging you to return time and time again.

The very essence and uniqueness of self-drive is to give you total freedom. To travel at your own pace with complete flexibility, awarding you the ultimate safari experience.

To experience real Africa, you need to be absorbed in it, feel it, breathe it, taste it and smell it. Nothing beats the smell of the African soil after a shower, the freshness of dawn or the sun baked ground beneath your feet! Inhale the magic around you… its scent, sights and sounds, the breathtaking landscapes, people and wildlife.

Our commitment is to ensure you feel confident and relaxed.

Self-drive with Shaw Safaris allows you to do and feel this. Enabling you to experience a real adventure, secure in the knowledge that you will be using the very best vehicles, equipment and back up services available.

Safari in Swahili means journey, and this journey is yours. Let us at Shaw Safaris help you accomplish it.